Martial Arts - especially with weapons is our passion

At Arnis Escrima Kali we are committed to highest standards and are passionate to work closely with everyone to promote Filipino Stick fighting worldwide.

Mainly we are training:

  • Combat Arnis as originally taught by Master Cui J. Brocka
  • GSYIAM Kali
  • And many other styles - such as Villabrille Largusa Kali, Sibat, Bo-Jutsu and the martial arts as taught by Dan Inosanto, Richard Bustillo, Ernesto Presas, Cacoy Cañete, Diony Cañete and several others

We believe in effectivity and efficiency.


At AEK International we train with:

  • Single stick
  • Double Sticks
  • Long stick / Staff
  • Knives
  • Any kind of Blades
  • Weaponless / empty hands
  • We even show you how to defend yourself with objects we daily use e.g. tablets, belts, pens, shoes, ...


open to everybody who is interested in training with us

  • offering international training in several countries (see more under training locations)
  • supporting and teaching martial arts such as Stick fighting, knives and any kind of bladed weapons

We are open to any styles and love to cooperate with other interested parties be it a single person, a club or other associations.